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Instructions for Written Work

Interview transcript

Both brief and long utterances are indented and their line spacing is reduced. This is a deviation from the recommendation of APA 7. Neither quotation marks nor italics are used, but the utterance is consistently written in the style of a Quotation, even if the utterance were brief. This way, the interview transcript stands out from other data. It is recommended that quotes be linked content-wise to the body text so that utterances do not remain disjointed and the context completely to be figured out by the reader. Excerpts of data can be coded by a combination of a letter and number (such as H1, H2).

Indeed, customer service and selling do count, or how you serve customers, that’s where the image of the company in the market comes from. So, the staff themselves can hugely impact the position of the company. (H13) 


If there is a direct quote from the interview transcript in the middle of the text, it is separated with quotes. 
Interview data are not included in the bibliography. 

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