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Instructions for Written Work


A footnote is a remark on the bottom of the page, which explains or clarifies an issue, expression or word in the text. The remark may be e.g. the explanation of an abbreviation, the translation of a used expression, or another piece of specifying information. However, footnotes should be used with discretion. A footnote may be, for example, the explanation of an abbreviation, the translation of an expression used, or another additional piece of information. Nevertheless, as mentioned above, a footnote shold be used with much discretion.

In the text, a footnote is referred to with a number in superscript [1]. The actual footnote is separated from the text with a dash and started with the number of the superscript. The footnote is written in a smaller font than the text. Footonotes are added with the Viittaukset Lisää alaviite / References Insert Footnote function, and all the pre-formatted settings will appear automatically.


[1] Footnotes are numbered with Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3 ...etc.)

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