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Information about library's e-book services and instructions how to use them

Ebsco eBooks


Growing package of multidisciplinary e-book titles representing a broad range of academic subject matter. Ebsco eBook Collection includes both Academic Collection package with changing content and e-books the library has purchased.

Where can I find the e-books?

Ebsco e-books can be found in Ebsco's own interface. You can find them also when browsing SeAMK-Finna. In Finna, you can narrow search results to e-books and publications available online only.

Usage rights and login info

Degree students and the staff of the Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences. Walk-in users in library premises. Access on university's computer network and through remote access. Use your SeAMK university username and password to log in. Instructions to remote access.

Number of simultaneous users

Varies. Most e-books have unlimited access. Individual e-books that the library has purchased usually have limited access, 1-3 simultaneous users / e-book.

Reading the e-book

You can read e-books online in Ebsco's own reader without downloading them to your computer. Click on PDF Full Text or EPUB Full Text  link. You can also download e-books to your computer and read them offline.

Watch the training videos how to search and read Ebsco eBooks:


Downloading to a computer or an e-book reader

You can also download e-books to your own computer or other device. You will need to download a software to read the e-book.
NB! You need to be signed in to your personal Ebsco account to download an e-book. If you do not have an account, click Sign in and create one under "Create a new account". Alternatively you can use your Google or Gmail credentials to sign in.

  1. If you are downloading an e-book for the first time, create yourself an Adobe ID and download a free Adobe Digital Editions Reader to your computer.
  2. Open the reader and authorize it with your Adobe ID (= email address which you used when creating your Adobe account).
  3. Search the book from Ebsco.
  4. You need to be signed in to your personal Ebsco account to download an ebook. If you do not have an account, click Sign in and create one under in "Create a new account". Alternatively you can use your Google or Gmail credentials to sign in.
  5. Sign in with your personal Ebsco account or wtih your Google/Gmail credentials.
  6. Click Download (Offline) or Download This eBook (Offline)
  7. Click Checkout & Download.
  8. Download the e-book and open the file with your ready installed Adobe Digital Editions Reader.
  9. The book downloads and opens in Adobe Digital Editions. It may take a while.
  10. You can also transfer e-books to an e-reader in Adobe Digital Editions.

Watch the training video:

Downloading to mobile devices

There is an Ebsco Mobile App available for iOS and Android devices.  Download the app to your mobile device. Search for Seinäjoen ammattikorkeakoulu - Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, connect it as your institution and log in with your SeAMK credentials (HAKA login). After opening the app, login with your personal Ebsco account. Once signed in with your account, you are able to download the eBook, read ebooks which you have downloaded earlier and add ebooks to your liked items. More instructions.

There are also articles available on the app.

Compatible e-book readers

You can read Ebsco e-books with many devices and apps supporting Adobe eBook DRM. Plug your e-book reader into the USB port of your computer, select the books and drag and drop them onto the icon of your connected device. List of compatible devices and apps is available on Ebsco's support pages.

Loan periods

You can read e-books online in Ebsco's own reader. Then there aren't any limited loan periods. If you download an e-book to your computer or mobile device, the loan period is between 1 to 28 days. You can choose it yourself. NB! Loan period for the e-books which are limited to only 1 or 3 concurrent users, is 7 days and it cannot be changed.


Limited. Print limits vary from book to book.

Returns, renewals, holds

E-books will be returned automatically but you can return them by yourself as well. You cannot renew Ebsco e-books. If you would like to have a longer loan period, you must return the book first and download it to the reader again. You can request an Ebsco e-book, if all pieces are checked out.


EBSCO eBook Accessibility User Guide and FAQs

More instructions


All e-books are not downloadable. You can read them online in Ebsco's own reader.

Accessibility Statement