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Information about library's e-book services and instructions how to use them

Ellibs e-books



E-books from several subject areas. Mainly in Finnish, a few in English. Collection includes also text books used at SeAMK. Library purchases more books continuously.

Where can I find the e-books?

Ellibs' english e-books can be found through SeAMK-Finna.The whole collection is available via service's web page (= Library collection)

Usage rights and login info

Students and staff of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences. Login with your SeAMK credentials (Haka Login).

Number of simultaneous users

Varies. "Available copies" shows you how many books are available. You can borrow max. 10 e-books at a time and make reservations on max. 7 e-books.  Includes also e-books with only one simultaneous user / e-book.

Reading and downloading e-books to a computer

You can read Ellibs e-books online in your web browser or download them to your computer. You can only read e-books in EPUB format in web browser. E-books in PDF format need to be downloaded to the reader software called Adobe Digital Editions.

If you choose to read e-books online, you don't have to install the reader. For the first time, if you choose to download an e-book to your computer, you must install Adobe Digital Editions Reader.

  1. Download a free Adobe Digital Editions Reader to your computer if you have not yet downloaded the reader to your computer. You can check it by clicking on the Start menu on your computer and starting to type the name of the program. Instructions for downloading the reader can be found for example on the Ebsco website.
  2. Search the e-book through SeAMK-Finna (and click Lainaa e-kirja - Borrow an e-book or via service' web page (=Library collection).
  3. Login with your SeAMK account.
  4. Choose a loan period: 1 or 7 days. Some text books have 7 days or 10 minutes loan period. If you just want to take a look at the book, choose 10 minutes!
  5. Click Read online or Download (download requires that you have Adobe Digital Editions software installed on your computer).
  6. Keep reading in your web browser or if you chose to download the e-book, open the file with your ready installed Adobe Digital Editions Reader.
  7. The book downloads and opens in the reader. Be patient, it may take a while.
  8. NB! If you already haveAdobe Digital Editions reader downloaded on your computer, you can activate it from the Help menu (Adobe Digital Editions) Authorize Computer. You will need an Adobe account ID to do this. You can register it on Adobe's web pages. (= the email address you used when you created your My Adobe account).

Reading and downloading to mobile devices

There is an Ellibs app available for iOS and Android devices. Download the app and log into the SeAMK Ellibs Library by using your SeAMK account. You can browse the collection, borrow and request for e-books. To read the e-books, you'll only need the app, even offline.

Compatible e-book readers

You can read Ellibs e-books with many e-book readers supporting EPUB format and Adobe Digital Editions software. Follow the instructions under Downloading to a computer. Plug your e-book reader into the USB port of your computer, select the books in Adobe Digital Editions and drag and drop them onto the icon of your connected device. List of compatible devices and apps is available on Adobe's web pages.

Loan periods

1 day (=24 hours) or 7 days. Some course books have also 10 minutes loan period.


Limited. Printing is not possible when reading the e-book in a web browser. If the e-book has been downloaded to a reader software or an app, the print limits vary from book to book.

Returns, renewals, holds

E-books will be returned automatically but you can return them by yourself as well. You can make requests on Ellibs e-books if they are checked out. If you would like to have a longer loan period, you must return the book first and download it to the reader again.

User guides

Permitted and prohibited use

User rights and remote access

Accessibility Statement