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How to use the library

Information for library user. Information about library's services.

Library card

When borrowing books you'll need SeAMK Library's library card. You can get the card free of charge.

SeAMK students and staff can activate a library card in Tuudo mobile app. If you already have SeAMK Library's valid library card, please contact the library before you start using Tuudo's digital library card.

SeAMK students information is downloaded automatically from the student information system. If you have begun your studies before 2020, you need to log in to SeAMK-Finna and set a PIN-code. You need a PIN-code when using self-check-out station.

Other customers, please fill in the application form in advance.

Bring your library card with you always when you are about to borrow books or make reservations.

The customer, material, and event register of the library system

SeAMK Library's library card. Advertisement Use the Tuudo library card.  

Borrowing, renewing, returning & requesting

There are self-check out machines in the library. Therefore, Information desk at the library.
you must have your library card and PIN code always with you.
You can also use the electronic library card on your phone.

Loan periods:

  • Course books 2 weeks
  • Other books 4 weeks
  • Sport equipment 1 week (borrowing and returning at the Library´s information desk, cannot be renewed or reserved)
  • Journals are not lent out (scanning and copying available)

You can renew your loans

  • through SeAMK-Finna web service (service break 10pm-11pm)
  • by Tuudo mobile app, phone, email, chat or by visiting the library
  • max. 2 years if there are no holds placed (SeAMK staff 4 years)
  • Sport equipment cannot be renewed or reserved

How to return books:

  • Use the self-check-in shelf in the library hall or the check-in/check-out machine in Tapio-sali. Access to Tapio-sali through C0 entrance Mon–Fri 7.30am–6.00pm. SeAMK students have access to Tapio-sali through C0 entrance according to the instructions available on SeAMK Intra.
  • Book drop box can be found by the C0 entrance. NB! The loans will be processed on the following working day.
  • Renew or return your loans on due date at the latest to avoid the overdue charges
  • Return sports equipment to the library information desk

Requesting books is free of charge. You can place requests for books on SeAMK-Finna web service by logging in (service break 10pm-11pm)

Watch a video tutorial: How do I request a book on SeAMK-Finna?

Instructions for requesting

  • you can place requests both for books that are on loan and for books that are available on shelf
  • check availability and place a hold on it (Request an item)
  • before you can place the request, you must accept the terms of use so that your request can be put on the open book trolleys for pick-up. The requests are sorted by the library card or student card number. As you are making the reservation, you must accept the terms of use so that your reservation can be made available for retrieval from the open pick-up book trolleys. Your library card or student card number is visible on the reservation. If you don't want your reservation to be placed on an open pickup shelf, you must make the reservation at the library's information desk and pick it up during library's service hours.
  • when the item has been returned, you will be notified by email. Check the date on the email - by when you have to come and borrow the book at the library!
  • If you have made a reservation for a book, you can pick it up from the Tapio-sali and borrow it by using the self check-out machine. Access to Tapio-sali through C0 entrance Mon–Fri 7.30am–6.00pm. SeAMK students have access to Tapio-sali through C0 entrance according to the instructions available on SeAMK Intra.
  • request are valid for six months. You'll get a notification of the deletion of the request. After that you can place a request again.
  • Sport equipment cannot be reserved

Library card in your phone

Did you forget your library card? No worries – you have your SeAMK library card with you in your smart phone.

Tuudo mobile app is available for students and staff at SeAMK. In addition to the most important student services, you’ll now find SeAMK library services there, as well.

Use the Tuudo mobile app toTuudo advertisement.

  • borrow book with Tuudo’s digital library card
  • renew your loans
  • check your fines and fees
  • follow your requests
  • get due date alerts
  • get item available notices
  • check library hours
  • follow library news

Other customers, login to SeAMK-Finna in your mobile phone. Under Library Cards tab you can find library cards connected to your account as well as their barcodes. Take a screenshot of the barcode and use the photo as your mobile library card.

If you use your student card as a library card, you must first add it to your SeAMK-Finna account so that the card information and barcode are visible in SeAMK-Finna.


SeAMK-Finna is Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences Library's search service. There you will find information on both printed materials and electronic collections available at SeAMK Library.


Login to SeAMK-Finna

If you are a student or staff member at SeAMK, login with your SeAMK user account (Haka login). Then you'll have access to all e-resources. Haka login uses multi-factor authentication. You can find more information about multi-factor authentication on Jelppari’s web pages.

Other patrons login with their email. You will get a login link to your email. You may also create a new Finna ID and use it on SeAMK-Finna.

When you are logged in you can use all library services (renew your loans, make requests, save searches and favourites etc.) that are enabled by the card.

You can also change your PIN-code in SeAMK-Finna. You need a Pin-code when using self-check-out station.

Problems with Haka-login?
Contact Jelppari:

How do I log in to SeAMK-Finna? - SeAMK students and staff

In addition to video tutorial Haka login uses multi-factor authentication now. You can find more information about multi-factor authentication on Jelppari’s web pages.

How do I log in to SeAMK-Finna? - other patrons

Search SeAMK-Finna

Search SeAMK Library's printed materials and electronic collections



Fees and charges

Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences Library collects charges defined in the valid library service price list.

Unpaid charges and fees will accrue in the customer's debt balance. The customer will be blocked from borrowing if the level of the charges and fees reaches or exceeds the limit in the price list.

You can pay overdue fines at the library or via web payment.

Notices and alerts

You'll get notices and alerts from the library by email free of charge:

  • item available notices
  • due-date alerts
  • overdue notices

Please inform your email address to the library! Don't forget to notify the changes: Update your customer information

The customer is responsible for the returning or renewal of the loans in time. The library will send out due-date email alerts. This does not affect your responsibility to return items or renew them by their due date even if there were problems with the data communications.


Library acquires electronic resources (e-books, e-journals, reference books and reference databases) for degree students and staff of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences.

E-resources are available through Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences computer network or through remote use. You can also use our e-resources in library premises.

Use your SeAMK university username and password to log in.

More information

Interlibrary loans

If the material you need is not available at our library, we can order it for you from other libraries in Finland and abroad.

You can request an interlibrary loan by visiting the library or by e-mail.

More information...

Video: How to use the self check-out machine

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