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Student Counselling in SeAMK: Organization and the People Involved


Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences offers the students counselling and support paying attention to the needs and requirements of the student and the field of education. Depending on the kind of counselling needed, counselling is given by student counsellors, PSP (personal study plan) counsellors, heads of the degree programmes, and teachers. Also student tutors, the staff of student services, the staff of international mobility services, teachers responsible for students’ practical training, and the staff of the Library of the University of Applied Sciences are there for the students. The whole staff is involved in student counselling.

Each department is responsible for the planned realization of the student counselling according to the needs and requirements of the field in question.

Study Counselling and Guidance in Faculties

Study counselling is systematic and it is assessed annually based on the plans of the faculties.


Teacher of a Study Module

  • is responsible for the planning, realisation and assessment of study entities and modules. When a study module has been completed, the teacher marks the grade in the Peppi system
  • works as a thesis supervisor
  • guides students with the study modules and also participates in the competence acknowledging process
  • helps students with the problems possibly occurring during a specific study module.


Student Counsellor

  • answers for the introduction of the curriculum to new students
  • supports the student with the choices and planning related to professional orientation and career planning.
  • supports with the competence acknowledging and the process related to it.
  • Observes the progress of the studies and guides the student with the graduation. practices.
  • checks the student’s PSP at the time of the approaching graduation.
  • informs applicants and other interested people about the content of the education.
  • works in co-operation with the student body.
  • guides the students when they
    • are planning their individual study paths.
    • are interested in exchange studies.
    • arrive at SeAMK as transferred students.
    • continue their studies after an interruption.
    • are not able to proceed with their studies for some reason.


Personal Study Plan (PSP) -Counsellor

A PSP-counsellor gives guidance and support for making the personal study plan in the beginning of the studies and also for updating the plan during the proceeding studies. A PSP-counsellor observes the proceeding of the studies and has yearly discussions with the student concerning the PSP.


Head of a Degree Programme

  • answers for the planning, realization, pedagogy, development, assessment, and quality control of the degree programme.
  • answers for the degree programme’s active working life co-operation and sees that the degree programme is paying attention to the future needs of working life.
  • develops and diversifies the internationalization of the degree programme together with the International Mobility Services.


Open University of Applied Sciences – Contact Persons

The contact persons of the Open University of Applied Sciences help the students who are taking courses through the Open University of Applied Sciences.

Opiskelijakunnan toimijat

Student Tutors

A tutor is a student who participates voluntarily in the guidance and counselling of new students. The tutor helps, guides and advices the students during the earliest stages of their studies.

There are also particular international tutors, who concentrate on international activities, and also sports- and digi-tutors.


Harassment Contacts

Harassment can be described as an activity that is somehow unpleasant to the target. It may be associated with one’s ethnical background, sexuality, wealth, religion, physical characteristics, or gender. Also bullying and discrimination can be considered as harassment. Harassment may take place also through email and messages.

SAMO (the student body of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences) has named two harassment contact persons, who give support and guidance to the harassed party in an emergency situation. Both these persons can be contacted through the email address below:

Student Healthcare and Study Welfare

Student Healthcare

Students can go to the student health nurses in case of any physical or mental health problems. Also appointments with a doctor or a psychologist will be made through the nurses.

Student healthcare services are organized by the city of Seinäjoki.  The services of public health nurse, general physician and psychologist can be found on the so called Welfare Corridor which locates in the old hospital building, in Keskuskatu 32 i (1st floor). It locates opposite to the Kampustalo. Also the services of the UAS pastor can be found there.

The contact information and instructions for making appointments can be found through the link below:


Duties of the UAS Pastor

The duty of the UAS pastor is to contribute to the welfare of the students and staff of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences and to support values education and to improve the fulfilment of human dignity, equality and charity. The duties also include assisting the foreign degree and exchange students with their integration to the Finnish culture. The services of the UAS pastor can be found from Frami A building (3rd floor).


Counselling in Matters Relating to Drug and Alcohol Abuse

It is advisable for a student to contact student health care services immediately, when suspecting a substance abuse. From there the student will be directed to the right place to get help. More information on drug and alcohol abuse can be found in the Seinäjoki UAS substance abuse program:

SeAMK Services

SeAMK Student Services

SeAMK Student Services provide general information and guidance on matters related to the studies, such as:

  • matters related to enrolling and study entitlement
  • matters related to the temporary interruption of studies and resignation
  • maintenance of the student register and guidance (personal data, contact information, study data, study credits)
  • study certificates, transcripts of records, diplomas
  • forms related to the studies
  • exam organizations
  • matters related to graduation
  • products of the university of applied sciences and study services subject to a fee
  • guidance concerning CampusOnline and flexible study right (JOO) studies.

SeAMK Student Services are located on the second floor of Frami F-building. Additional information:


SeAMK Library

The library of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences is open for everybody, and in their collection they have non-fiction and scientific literature concerning different fields. The library offers services and material, both online and as printed material, to support studies, teaching and research. The skilled staff of the library will help the customers to find information and to use different kind of collections and on-line services.


Services of a Special Education Teacher

Special education teachers help students with special needs to proceed with their studies. At the same time they are helping teachers to work with these students and to make necessary special organizations, such as providing extended time for exams or offering a possibility to take a part of the exam orally. It is also possible to ask for the help of the special education teachers at the final thesis phase.

Special education teachers also perform dyslexia tests.

Special education teachers can be contacted through one’s own study counsellor. The special education teachers at SeAMK are Pia-Mari Riihilahti and Päivi Uitti.



When having IT or system related problems one should contact Jelppari.


South Ostrobothnian Sports Academy

Sports academy is intended for athletes either on, or aiming at the international level and who are committed to finishing their studies while training goal orientedly. An athlete who has been accepted as a degree student at SeAMK may, on certain conditions, apply for the Sports Academy –status. Sports academy supports the athlete students by offering coaching, training facilities, and other support services, such as testing-, muscle care- and health care services.

Additional information (only in Finnish):


International Education Services

SeAMK International Education Services offer their help and guidance if a student is considering an exchange period or practical training abroad. The office is located on the second floor of Frami F-building.

Information for the students planning an international mobility period can be found through SeAMK intra at:

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