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Student Counselling in SeAMK: Career Counselling

Career Counselling and the Recognition of Ones Strengths

The professional growth of a student and recognizing one’s strengths are relevant parts of career counselling. In addition to self-knowledge, also knowledge of working life and job application skills belong to career counselling.

It is important to recognize the significance of the choices one makes: Which optional study modules one has chosen, which field and specialization one has chosen, and which options there are within the field? There is versatile career guidance throughout the studies. It makes it easier to move towards working life and directs students towards life-long learning.

Growing towards Entrepreneurship

Students interested in entrepreneurship get support and tools for developing their business ideas and founding their own companies. More information on entrepreneurship will be offered regularly during the studies.

In the Y-Zone Business Hub (an enterprise Installation) students can develop their own business ideas and test their readiness to work as entrepreneurs. They get personal plans and support on exactly those issues where it is needed most. This Y-Zone Business Hub -activity can be a part of the studies.

More information on entrepreneurship will be given by Elina Ojala (

The services and studies related to entrepreneurship can be found through the address:


SeAMK mentoring programme supports students when they are moving towards working life, provides guidance for career planning, gives advice for work related networking and gives students practical information on their professional field. The mentoring programme is offered at the final stages of the studies.

Application for the mentoring programme takes place in the autumn. Through the mentoring programme students get a mentor who is active in working life and with whom it is possible to discuss working life and its requirements and to think about ones’ own skills. The programme takes one academic year during which the mentor and student meet about once a month. The mentoring programme belongs to the optional studies and it is possible to get 2 credit points for it after turning in a study journal. Link to the programme can be found in Intra.

Alumni Activity

Alumni are graduates of SeAMK and they have been offered different kind of activities. They can operate, for example, as visiting professional experts and mentors. The employment of the alumni is observed annually by sending them a questionnaire a year after their graduation.

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