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Recognition of competencies (RC) - Instructions: Home

Information about recognition of competencies at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences


The RC Instructions were made for the students and staff of SeAMK to clarify the RC procedure.

The instructions include the general principles of crediting of studies and of competencies gained in other ways than through official educational programmes. Moreover, they detail who recognition of competencies is applied for, how the application is processed, and how the student is informed of the decision.

List of contents

Key concepts
For Students
Demonstrations of competencies
Employment-integrated learning

The RC contact persons are the following:

BBA | Degree Programme in International Business

  • Uitti Päivi

Degree Programme in Agri-Food Engineering

  • Ventelä Sarita

Degree Programme in Automation Engineering

  • Mettälä Jorma

Degree Programme in Nursing

  • Zegrea Suzana

MBA | Degree Programme in International Business Management

  • Hauta Essi

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