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Instructions for Master's Thesis

Description of the Thesis Process

The writing of the thesis or the studies supporting it are started at the very beginning of the studies. The aim of the research and development studies is to prepare the student for the application of the approaches and methods used in thesis work. Another aim is to develop the student’s competencies in following and analysing field-particular research knowledge.

Table 1 summarizes the stages of the thesis project and the output of each stage. The detailed content, requirements and scheduling are defined by each Degree Programme in separate instructions. The progress of the thesis process is also described in the flowchart included in SeAMK’s Quality Manual (Appendix 1). 

Table 1. Stages of the thesis process.




Initial discussion
Independent work
Supervisory sessions
Independent work and possible seminar

Choice of the topic and preliminary definition of the thesis project
Approval of the topic
Assignment of the supervisor(s)
Making a Thesis Agreement and applying for a possible research permission
Preparation, submission and approval of the thesis plan
Choice and substantiation of the topic
Thesis Agreement
Research permission
Development and/or research plan




Independent work
Supervisory sessions



Information search and  data collection
Specification of the aim and definition of the scope of  thesis
Structuring, analysis and interpretation of the data, production of results, and writing a report
Progress in the thesis project







Completion of the thesis
Turnitin Ouriginality check
Seminar/closing meeting
Oral presentation of the thesis
Turnitin Ouriginality report
Completed thesis






Taking the Maturity Test
Assessment by the supervisor
Assessment by the commissioner’s representative
Storage in Theseus
Maturity Test (essay, press release or article as agreed)
Assessed thesis
Published thesis




The thesis seminars are mainly arranged on the days on which contact classes take place. At the seminars, the other group members act as peer supervisors. 

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