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Instructions for Master's Thesis

Choice of the Topic of the Thesis

The subject area of the thesis varies depending on the needs of the commissioner organization and working life and the student’s interest. As a rule, the thesis should be related to the student’s professional field and deepen their professional expertise. In the choice of the topic, the student must make sure that they have the sufficient competencies, in terms of knowledge and skills, for the implementation of the thesis.  As a research or development project requiring perseverance, organization skills, independent work and interaction, the topic should be genuinely interesting to the student.

There are plenty of options and opportunities to choose the topic of the thesis. The essential thing is that the topic be based on the definition of a real problem and that the definition of the topic be done in close cooperation with the commissioner. When choosing the topic of the thesis, the student must discuss with the supervisor of the thesis. A very narrow topic or simple approach and/or technical implementation may lead to divergent views on the degree of difficulty and assessment of the thesis between the student and supervisor when the thesis is assessed. The thesis is a showcase for the Master student’s expertise, for which, in the choice of the topic, a challenging project aimed at increasing the student’s own expertise should be prioritized. The topic of the thesis is approved by the supervisor of the thesis.

Accessibility Statement