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LibKey and BrowZine

A guide for using LibKey and BrowZine web services at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences. LibKey and BrowZine make it easier to search and find international articles and e-journals.

Direct links to articles and e-journals

An AI-powered technology integrated into SeAMK-Finna’s international e-materials search delivers

  1. a direct link to the PDF article (LibKey Discovery Link)
  2. a link to the complete issue with all articles published on the same journal (Link to BrowZine)

In the SeAMK-Finna's international e-materials search results page the links appear like this:





Functionality does not always find LibKey and BrowZine links. However, the search results may show a link to the database where the article can be found (e.g. ABI/INFORM Collection). It is also worth checking whether the article is available via Google Scholar. The same link can also be used to check the license terms of the international resource.


NB: At the end of the page you will find various examples of search results, showing the different types of links that may appear in the search results, depending on the material found.

How LibKey algorithm works?

LibKey's "waterfall" algorithm searches for articles in a particular order. The algorithm always prioritises open access articles.

  1. First, it checks whether the article is available as a Version of Record (VoR) Open Access link
  2. If it is not available, the next step is to check whether the library has subscribed to the e-journal directly from the publisher.
  3. If this is also not available, the algorithm checks whether the library has subscribed to the e-journal through an aggregator (e.g. Ebsco or ProQuest). If the subscribed resources contain exactly the same e-journal, LibKey selects the fastest and most reliable of the aggregators.
  4. In addition, there is the possibility of a non-version of record (OA) of the article and the possibility of ordering the article via the library's interlibrary loan service (not available at SeAMK).

LibKeyn algoritmin pääperiaate.

Example 1. LibKey search result

In general, both the LibKey Discovery link (Read the full article (PDF)) and the BrowZine link (View Complete Issue) are displayed in the search results. LibKey's algorithm directly selects the PDF to be displayed. In this example, it takes you to Emerald.

Example 2. LibKey search result – Links to ABI/INFORM resources, no PDF link available

LibKey is unable to link directly to ProQuest ABI/INFORM articles. These can be accessed via the resource's specific links (ABI/INFORM). However, the BrowZine link (View complete issue) can also be reached from ProQuest journals.

Example 3. LibKey search result – Links to ABI/INFORM resources, PDF link leads to the open access article

Search results include only links to ProQuest ABI/INFORM and Asian & European Business Collection, but there is also an open access version available. A direct link (Read the full article (PDF)) is therefore provided and leads to the Springer open access article.

Example 4. LibKey search result – no PDF link available, however there is an open access article available

There are not always links available in the search results, neither LibKey or BrowZine links, nor any database link. However, the article may still be free to access on the web (Open access). To check whether the article may be available via Google Scholar, please check the link: International e-materials: Check license terms and Google Scholar.

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