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LibKey and BrowZine

A guide for using LibKey and BrowZine web services at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences. LibKey and BrowZine make it easier to search and find international articles and e-journals.

What is LibKey Nomad?

LibKey Nomad extension icon.Libkey Nomad is a browser extension, which provides direct access to the article or e-book.

When searching for international articles online, you’ll probably often run into a paywall. With LibKey Nomad, you can quickly find out whether you can still access the article as a member of SeAMK through library’s e-resources.

LibKey Nomad is activated for example on publisher websites, Wikipedia references, PubMed search results, the Amazon bookstore and Google Books. The list of publishers supported by LibKey is available on Third Iron webpages.

View E-book icon. When you install the LibKey Nomad extension on your web browser, it will tell you if the article or e-book you have found is available through the library and provide a link to the PDF version of the article. 

If the service asks you to log in, please log in remotely using your SeAMK credentials.

YouTube video: LibKey Nomad browser extension delivers one-click article access

How to download and use LibKey Nomad?

  1. Visit the Third Iron's LibKey Nomad webpage and install the extension for you preferred browsers.
  2. After installing the extension, select  "Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences" as your organization and you are ready to use Libkey Nomad.
  3. When you search for sources on the internet and land on a webpage where you can access the full text, the LibKey Nomad logo with a text "Article Link" or "View E-Book" will appear at the bottom left of the page.

No credentials are required. Libkey Nomad only asks for the user's organization. Based on that, Libkey Nomad gets information about the resources to which a user has access.

Example 1. LibKey Nomad Article Link

When you search for an article using, for example, Google and find a purchasable article on the Emerald public website, LibKey Nomad will notify you that the article is available in full-text through your organisation on the Emerald database provided by the library.


LibKey Nomad -esimerkki artikkelin löytymisestä.

Example 2. LibKey Nomad View E-Book

Once you have searched for an e-book on the Internet or directly on Amazon and found a purchasable e-book, LibKey Nomad will notify you that the e-book is available in full-text through your organization via the e-book service provided by the library.


LibKey Nomad -esimerkki e-kirjan löytämisestä.

Example 3. LibKey Nomad Download PDF

Once you've searched for an article on the web, for example, and found a free online article, LibKey Nomad  provides a direct link to download the PDF. The same link can also be found on the article information page.

The same download link provided by LibKey Nomad also appears for purchasable articles if you are connected to the SeAMK computer network and automatically have access to the online service (compare Emerald in example 1, where you were not logged in).


LibKey Nomad -esimerkki vapaan artikkelin löytymisestä.

Example 4. LibKey Nomad Access Options

Once you have searched for an online article and found an article that is in a database that you have access to at SeAMK (you are logged in to the service), but the article is not part of the collection. For example, the article may be older than the period for which we have access. The link will take you to the licence terms page, where you can also check, for example, for possible availability on Google Scholar.


LibKey Nomad -esimerkki artikkelin, johon ei ole linkkiä, löytymisestä.

LibKey Nomad-generated links in PubMed article database

If you have downloaded LibKey Nomad to your web browser, you will see the LibKey and BrowZine links in the search results page on PubMed article database. You can download the article in PDF format or browse all articles in the same issue.

Download PDF ja View Complete Issue -kuvakkeet PubMed -tietokannan hakutuloksessa.


The Access Options link allows you to check whether the full text of the article can be found in Google Scholar.

Access Options -kuvake PubMedissa.


In some cases, PubMed provides an author's version of the manuscript (Manuscript PDF or Manuscript Link).

Käsikirjoitusversion Manuscript-kuvake PubMedissa.

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