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International Business

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Printed books: To find a book on the library shelf, you will need to note the shelf classification number and the main word, e.g. 02 (classification number) and HERNON (main word).

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Shelf classification of books in the library

  • In the library books are classified by the subject.
  • Call numbers of the international business and other business books in the SeAMK Library:

36.6   International economy. World trade
36.61 International economic organisations
36.62 Multinational companies
36.63 Finland's foreign trade
36.68 Economic conditions of developing countries

69      Business - general
69.1   Business administration
69.11  Leadership
69.12  Organization and planning of production
69.13  Personnel policy
69.15 Work studies. Work analysis. Planning of work
69.2   Business accounting
69.21  Business bookkeeping and auditing
69.3  Marketing
69.33 Materials management. Logistics
69.34 Customer services. Sales
69.35 Advertising

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